15 Stories of Hope, Change, & Justice

15Stories Zine 1The February 1 event hosted by The Big Picture at Johns Hopkins SAIS on photojournalism and policy impact was built around the work produced in the 15 Stories of Hope, Change, & Justice zine.

The publication is the product of a storytelling workshop run by Ed Kashi of VII Agency and the New York Times senior staff photographer James Estrin.

We were honored to host the launch event for the zine and exhibit its featured work in the school’s library gallery.

Take a look at the zine pages below, read about the event here, and find out more about the photographers of 15 Stories in this post by Kashi.


A message from Ed Kashi and Jim Estrin:

In 2013, Andrea Wallace had the idea to team us together to co-teach a visual storytelling workshop at Anderson Ranch Arts Center in Snowmass, Colorado. At the time, we could not imagine what this creative arrangement would effortlessly blossom into. A late night conversation among the three of us led to a significant new model of photographic education; the three-year Advanced Mentored Studies Workshop.

Each workshop participant focuses on one in-depth personal project resulting in a book, a movie, a major exhibit and/or a web presentation. For each of the three years, we meet for one week in July in the idyllic Rockies and continue to remain in very close touch.

The Advanced Mentored Studies Workshop at Anderson Ranch Arts Center has become internationally known for its depth of guidance, support, and the high quality of the work produced.

Along the way, the participants have developed a remarkably cohesive and encouraging community that is unlike any that either of us have experienced in our decades of teaching around the world. The three-year ongoing workshop was born on a whim but has since evolved into a unique and important photographic force thanks to the vision and generosity of the Anderson Ranch community.

This zine is the brainchild of our first group of photographers, who decided they wanted to give editors, gallerists, curators, as well as the general public, a taste of their ongoing personal projects.

While we can see that our mentorship has provided essential support for the participants, we have also benefitted greatly from the exceptional partnerships and friendships formed. Come take a look inside these pages and see what they have been up to…


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